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Sexual Dysfunction Workshop

The list of issues that respond positively to hypnosis through hypnotherapy is almost endless. Treatments are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ and different issues necessitate different preparation (both client and therapist), different strategies and different engagements.

One area that responds very positively to the application of hypnotherapy is the realm of sexual dysfunction. By the very nature of the issue though, this is a treatment realm that many therapists are loath to engage. The professional satisfaction of achieving positive change in clients experiencing these issues is significant and developing comfort in this treatment type also results in a significant boost in professional confidence (for all treatments) for the professional hypnotherapist.

This one-day workshop, sponsored by The Australian Hypnosis Alliance (TAHA) and presented by Michael Werts (CEO TAHA), will discuss the issues of sexual dysfunction (both male and female), pre-talk engagement strategies, treatment options and methods for the therapist to achieve personal ‘comfort’ with the subject and the treatments.

About the Presenter

Michael is the current CEO of The Australian Hypnosis Alliance and has been a practicing hypnotherapist and the principal of Mind Elevation Hypnotherapy and Counselling for 14 years. During that time he has worked with The Australian Academy of Hypnosis presenting certificate level, advanced and specialty hypnosis training in Melbourne both individually and in conjunction with Rick Collingwood.  He was the President of the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (Inc.) for 3 years and during that time took the organisation from a Western Australia-based group to a national organisation.

Though semi-retired now, Michael continues to be actively engaged in the hypnosis community through TAHA as well as continuing to treat a limited number of clients. For the most part now, his new clients come from GP/Specialist Medical Practitioner referrals with a significant proportion of these referrals being for treatment for sexual dysfunction issues.

Michael also works on Australian sailing cruise ships presenting information entertainment sessions on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, motivational subjects and conducting group (mass) hypnosis sessions providing relaxation experience for up to 1,000 passengers on these cruises.


A minimum number of attendees will be required for the training workshop to continue, but attendance numbers will be limited as well.

At a glance:

  • Total hours: 8
  • Cost:
    • TAHA Member: $120
    • Non- TAHA Member: $175
  • Hours: 8 – 8am-12pm & 1pm – 5pm
  • Dates: 1 day (Saturday) late February / Early March 2018
  • Location: Gold Coast (Broadbeach vicinity)
  • Upon Completion: TAHA Certificate of Attendance awarded
  • Extra-Curricular: If sufficient interest is expressed, a Saturday Night Dinner will be arranged (cost extra).

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